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Adventures in Baking- Cutting In Butter

Posted by Brittany on

Have you ever read a recipe for crusts, biscuits or scones that asks to cut butter into flour and have no idea what it means? Well drop those scissors because today I’m going to explain what it means and how to do it! Continue reading

Adventures in Baking- Cutting In Butter

Posted by ronald on

The technique of cutting butter into flour essentially means incorporating the butter into the flour so that small pieces of butter stay whole in the flour mixture, creating a flaky texture when baked. Depending on what you’re making, a recipe may call for the butter pieces to be pea sized or cut in to the point where the mixture resembles crumbs or corn meal; the bigger the pieces the flakier the end product. In my case I was making scones so I cut mine in until it resembled crumbs. Continue reading